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Tailored music solutions by real musicians

Welcome to GT Music Solutions, your “one‐stop shop” for tailored music and audio productions.

We are specialized in music solutions for websites and social media, radio, TV and film, commercials, live streamed events and voice recording. We also tailor live music shows and entertainment for corporate events. We cater for any music and audio need you may have for your business, your brand or your products.

GT Music Solutions is a network of professional musicians that stretches around the globe.

We are a great team of music lovers dedicated to the task ready to assist you at any time. We have more than 20 years of experiences in music and entertainment. Our aim is to do Great Tunes for your events.

Our clients range from large international corporations to smaller local businesses as well as event companies and web designers.
We have a reputation of providing top notch productions to reasonable costs.

We are proud to score a high satisfaction rate among our clients being considered a reliable and trusted partner who deliver on promise.

This is what we do

Our professional team has a proven record of composing long lasting and memorable music and audio productions for corporate business, brands and products. Your choice of music can be any style; Pop, Rock, Electro, Orchestra- we cover them all.
Here’s a range of services we can provide:

Tailored music for websites

We write custom music to company websites, to websites created for a special occasion like conferences or client events, sales competitions or loyalty programs for your customers. To add background music to a website is a great way to build association and recognition.

Commercials & Advertisements

We make jingles for radio, TV, product videos and online advertising. Our team will compose a catchy well written jingle that will stuck in your head associating a positive image of your brand, product or the special occasion it’s been tailored for. A jingle is the perfect instrument for any social media platform.

Music and audio for your live streamed corporate event

Using personalized music to your live streamed event will really make a difference since you want the event to stand out from the ordinary digital meetings we have become used to during the past year. A signature melody to start up the event, stingers whenever needed in the live stream, custom made music for breaks or to signalize a change in the programme etcetera. Our professionals will tailor the music so that it rhymes with the theme of the event.

Music for TV, film and other media

We create unique scores for film, trailers, TV-productions and shows. Opening music, background music and soundtracks- everything professionally written, recorded, mixed and mastered.

Voice recording

We offer professional female and male voice over artists for radio, video and podcast. Whether it is for commercials, advertisements, audiobooks, animations or script reading we will help you find the perfect match. All voice recording will have studio quality ready to use.

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Entertainment services

If you are looking for entertainment to a corporate event our associates “The Izzy Dizzy Band with friends” are at your services. With more than 2500 live shows since the start this band knows what it takes to make an event successful and memorable. These guys are professional musicians who play “real” live music without any backing tracks.

Book them for a live show any time any place in Europe or have them visit your live streamed event or digital meeting and surprise the participants with a music medley during the coffee break. Or have a custom-made music quiz for your Afterwork. This could be done either by a recorded video or by live streaming depending on the timing and your budget.


A sample of cases with our signature

“ACES” – Event jingle made for a corporation and their annual sales conference. A hybrid meeting with in person attendance and virtual attendance. The jingle being the event signature during the live streaming as well as being played on various platforms when promoting the event.

“ONE, TWO, THREE- GO!” – Custom made jingle made for a series of corporate events taking place in the world of football during 2022. Among them are Champions League, Europa League and prestigious matches in La Liga and Premier League.

“SUNNY DAYS” – Custom made music made for a company celebrating an anniversary by throwing a party for their crew, their customers and partners. The jingle being used in the invitation, on the event website and during storytelling at the party.

 “BRAVO” – Jingle made for an automobile brand and their annual award dinner which was broadcast live from a studio with attendees participating virtually.

 “WALKING ON AIR” – Event jingle created for a corporation and its’ annual strategy conference. This virtual meeting featured a morning news room and was broadcast live to participants/viewers in 14 European countries.

Let us know how we can help you